June 17, 2022

Intro to Defarm

Intro to Defarm

Something exciting is under construction here at HYGROPRO. We're laying down infrastructure so that our users can be the proud owners and brokers of their own unique plant growth data. HYGROPRO rejects the sterile practices of FAANG enterprises that hold users hostage on their platforms and abduct their data for nebulous purposes while incrementally making their services worse and worse. HYGROPRO envisions a new order, a neo-capitalist business blueprint that is built ethically from the start. We believe in using the capabilities of decentralization to empower our users AND create mutual prosperity. How? By establishing a decentralised farm. We're starting the defarm.

The defarm is a collection of farmers at any scale who want to share their expertise and results. Our controlled environment indoor garden enthusiasts will have the opportunity to communicate their successes and failures for collective benefit. The premise is simple, what did you do? What happened? Got any photos? Got any tricks? What did you learn? How did it taste? Was it fun?

This information is golden, and we want you to share it. Taking notes and reporting progress is work, and HYGROPRO won’t ask you to do it for free. That's where the defarm brings something new to the table with the help of cryptography and blockchain technologies. We are here to help create a market for grow data on the blockchain. With a grow data market, all of a sudden your crop life cycle information becomes a precious commodity that people around the world are willing to pay money for. Vertical farms trying to train artificial intelligence systems, consumable goods manufactures trying to improve their products, seed companies gauging performance, other farmers looking for an edge, all need data like plants need water.

Vertical farms are especially restricted in their pursuit of research and development due to high upfront and overhead cost. Many of these farms are confined to lettuce and microgreens to meet profit margins because the science isn't settled on optimum techniques for other, more complicated flora. That means there's a demand for innovation and results. This is where you come in. HYGROPRO autogarden users can answer that call and in turn offset their own costs, even profiting in the process.

We are working towards a future where every home contains an indoor garden that can grow better than nature herself. To get there we want excellence in mind for everything we do, and of course that means we need your help, but we want you to reap the rewards along with us. Look out for more updates and tell your plants we said hello. <3