May 24, 2022

Dream Post

Dream Post

Plants have eyes all over like angels.

Taking care of things is part of growing up.

Green is Earth , Yellow the Sun , Blue the Sky, Red the Blood. The quality of your light will influence your life. Touching grass, seeing sun, logging off, getting pumped can brighten your way.


Being natural doesn’t come naturally these days. It’s hard to keep track of the moon and the hours are escaping so it’s nice to have a garden. You give thanks for the rain and master your space to protect and be responsible for the miracle of life. You share routines and growing habits. There is a harmony and flow when you thrive on and for the benefit of your beautiful green guests. There’s no such thing as a green thumb, there is a hive soul of plants and ways to resonate your grow with it. Join a guild of palace garden revivalists, geobiologists, artists and engineers.

There are enough screens; there is enough attention. Technology was invented for freedom. Let it work for you, let it pay you, let it feed you. Why is anything else worth anything without providing at least that?

This isn’t another link in the weapons factory supply chain. This isn’t a sweatshop creating textile waste and suffering. This can’t be another drop shipping gofund me startup. Business as usual is over. We don’t want your money we want your crypto and we want it according to a new table of values. Poison and Sickness and Hatred is over, there are new and old better things to focus on. There’s a way to create lasting satisfaction through autoindoorgardens. Get it and grow with us.

Let’s learn about how vast and wonderful life is down to the finest detail. Let’s play the best kind of game and tell everyone all about it.