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Indoor Gardens Include

Each device includes a baseline set of sensors and actuators to ensure our users can properly replicate proven conditions.


  • Air and Water Temperature
  • Humidity / Dew Point
  • Light Intensity & Quality
  • Air Quality and CO2 ppm
  • Solution pH and EC
  • Webcam remote viewing


  • Grow Lights
  • Vent & Circulation Fans
  • Peristaltic Pumps
  • Circulation and Feed Pumps
  • Humidifier
  • PID , Timer & Conditional Control Modules


  • Subtractive Manufactured in Durham, NC
  • Easy to dissemble for repair/replacement
  • Customizable features, appearance and dimensions

How it works:

The Auto-Garden Devices are constructed according to your provided specifications. By submitting a form, you are registering for an exclusive chance to procure a HYGROPRO hand made indoor garden. Certain fields can be left blank if there is no preference.

We will consider all form submissions and reach out for further information with accepted candidates. Applicants who include their Web3 Wallet addresses may receive limited edition nft mementos.

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