We are indoor garden innovators

HYGROPRO was founded in 2015 to create a lettuce machine for a cramped university apartment.Today we are setting a new standard for indoor gardens.

Our Mission

Reimagine Auto-Gardens and establish a new class of must-have home appliances.

We envision a future where every home has an optimized indoor garden growing food for families. To get there, we are focused on getting customer feedback first. Then our efforts will be spent developing the control software platform to give our users the tools to iterate on standard plant recipes and share their experience with the GROhort.

Our Role

We make best in class grow devices that showcase the capability of controlled-environment agriculture.

The Current Indoor Garden market has a lot of devices that do the bare minimum and get most of their profit from seed-pod subscription. We are of the mind that this business model leaves users feeling neglected or even taken advantage of.

By empowering our users with tools and partnering with them in the spirit of the new cooperative web3 landscape, we hope to provide more than a countertop toy that gets old in a month. We're onboarding decentralized farmers that will pass their expertise and well built devices down through generations.

Our Values


We are building a decentralized farm

We build hand made indoor gardens for consumers. They are designed for compact hydroponic agriculture and they contain the sensing, actuation and computation power to rival large scale operational control. That means these grow boxes have what it takes to make plants that can rival the tastes and shapes from the garden of Eden.

But these grow boxes aren't filled with the boundless wisdom of trial and error just yet, Mother Nature still knows best. That's why we are looking for early adopters to pioneer this process of making it back to Eden by sharing their HYGROPRO experience creating beautiful plants.

These early adopter growers will be the first ever participants in a decentralized farm. All the sensing and actuation data that goes into making a plant is like gold to us, and we want to buy it from you. So, all users of the HYGROPRO devices can submit their grow data, recipes and harvest specs to train our diagnostic machine learning algorithm.

There is so much fun to be had in a group of dedicated growers hacking the food system. Contests, trophies, bounties and more, we can't wait to show you what else we've got sprouting up. For now, share this with someone who has what it takes to help kick-off the last agricultural revolution.

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