Gro like a pRO

A device that takes care of your plants should know what it's doing. Our hand-made indoor gardens have what it takes to get the full potential out of your grow.


Indoor Gardens

We build custom, state of the art automatic garden systems that integrate into the home and provide fresher than fresh produce, herbs and fruits

HYGROPRO Auto-Gardens are made for anyone to use them with no previous plant experience so everyone can GRO like a PRO


How to GRO like a PRO

Season Control

Adjust simulated day length to induce seasonal response. Change the light quality to target plant expressions

Nutrient Control

Set nutrient levels to maximum flavor or to your taste. Monitor the solution condition in the easy-to-use web application

Weather Control

Choose climate conditions from the Mediterranean or any place your plants would feel at home

Build with Us

Grow Plants Inside in Style

HYGROPRO builds you best in class grow-boxes in elegant modular forms or one of a kind designs

Submit a Build application to start making your own HYGROPRO custom Auto-Garden



The experience of growing plant life is inherently rewarding but difficult to manage depending on so many things. Sometimes, it's your local climate stopping you, or your home itself.

Our mission is to remove these barriers and bring agriculture back into the modern lifestyle


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